Spring break is coming for many! Do you have  a road trip planned? To make it the most awesome trip ever, packing properly is essential to surviving your road trip whether it's with your family or with your friends. Here are some important items to remember:

* A Music Playlist

* First Aid Kit

* Camera

* Snacks/Food/Water

* Mosquito Spray

* Sunglasses

* Hand Sanitizer

* Vehicle Essentials

* Sleeping Gear

* Driver's License/I.D.

It doesn't have to stop there. You can get creative and research online what would be the best to bring on a planned road trip. A great site where I found these awesome tips are from hotbeautyhealth.com. They offer a great list of "50 Packing Essentials to Survive a Road Trip."

If you are driving, don't forget to get plenty of sleep before the big day and plan to take turns with someone else of driving age to avoid getting sleepy. If it's just you driving, plan to take several breaks and stops along the way.

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