5 Things to Bring Instead of Buy on Your Road Trip

Space is limited, the bags outnumber the people, and you're afraid the trunk won't close. If that scenario sounds like your family packing for vacation, you're not alone! Despite all this, there are certain items you should absolutely bring instead of buy to save time and money, so rethink those extra sandals and make room for these must-brings:

Travel snacks: If you buy a bag of chips or a bottle of water every time you stop, it really starts to add up. Instead of relying on rest stop sundries, bring your own snacks and drinks, preferably in reusable containers and bottles. Not only is it more convenient, but it's more cost-effective and better for Mother Earth.

Food favorites: Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I only use Heinz ketchup. If I'm traveling to a far away land that doesn't offer my Heinz, you better believe I'm bring it with me! Same goes for beer, fruits, and anything else my family and I consider our favorite must-haves!

Must-haves: I'm convinced touristy areas expect travelers to forget our sunblock or shampoo which is why that stuff is marked up three times the cost! I know we're trying to save space, but I'd rather save money every day of the week and twice on Sunday which is why I always pack my own.

First Aid Kit: You should always keep a First Aid Kit in your car anyway, so just bring that bad boy with you to your vacation destination. And don't forget to add aloe for potential summer sunburns and antacids to combat your culinary indulgences.

Chargers/converters: Phones, tablets, and other technology aren't just for playtime. Some of us work remotely or rely on various apps to find our way or check into a hotel. Keep your devices charged and at the ready by bringing necessary plugs and cords. 


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