Five Educator-Approved Kid Apps Fantastic for Travel

Like many children, my kids are obsessed with screen time. Like many parents, I sometimes rely on said screen time to get things done and especially while traveling! Rather than waste time downloading mindless apps with irritating pop-up ads, I prefer opportunities for learning. Check out these five options-not only are not only age-appropriate and education, but they're also free of ad interruptions!

Grandma's Preschool (ages 3-6): Full of fun and educational games- it's win/win situation!

The Robot Factory (ages 4-6): Kids mix and match robot parts then see if their creation withstands the test arena!

National Geographic Puzzle Explorer (ages 3-10): While learning about the world around them, kids create puzzles and mazes. Fantastic photos accompany each lesson.

Professor Astro Cat's Solar System (ages 7-10): Perfect for space lovers, this app teaches fun facts about the galaxy, and allows users to test their knowledge via jetpack challenges.

Sleep Furiously (ages 10+): Working against the clock to unjumble words and create grammatically correct sentences, this app is a big hit with kids who loves words!


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